Hello! I am the sole creator of T-Studios. I aim to make games that are fun, creative, and enjoyable to all.
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-Half of my games give my friends admin.

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  • Roblox Uno

    Sit down around a table and play a game of Roblox Uno, the #1 Uno game on Roblox! Either play with NPCs, Friends, or Foes. Featuring card animations, professionally made cards, and over 4,000 lines of code, this game is made to be easy to learn & fun to play. Play & climb the leaderboards to the become best Roblox Uno player of all time. Welcome to Roblox Uno, the best Uno game on Roblox. PC and Mobile Compatible & Optimized. Join The Official T-Studios for a exclusive background: Like Roblox Uno? A Thumbs Up 👍 and Favorite ⭐ help a lot! Join our "community" server! Join with the Link Below! Follow us on twitter! @REALTimothy0812 or the Link Below! -Created by T-Studios (REALTimothy0812) -Thumbnail Background Made By Nakisakebu -All scripting, custom cards, titles, and everything else made by REALTimothy0812

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  • The Tower Tycoon

    Welcome to The Tower Tycoon, a tycoon were you build your own tower. Featuring Rebirths, Build animations, and tons of things to buy, The Tower Tycoon is a fun, up-to-date, modern tycoon. Can you climb the leaderboards to the top? PC and mobile compatible. Join The Official T-Studios: Join our "community" server! Link Below! Follow us! @REALTimothy0812 -Created by T-Studios (REALTimothy0812)

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  • REALTimothy0812's Admin House

    Go through an easy mini-obby to get to the other side and receive access to use REALTimothy0812's Admin, a custom admin that has hundreds of fun commands to use. This isn't your basic kohls admin house. It's REALTimothy0812's Admin House! Some commands have cooldowns, to prevent spamming. DO NOT TELL ME WHO IS ABUSING. IT IS A ADMIN HOUSE, AND THERE ARE NO RULES. Join The Official T-Studios: Join our "community" server! Code: X4KhSPq or the Link Below! Follow us on twitter! @REALTimothy0812 or the Link Below! Like REALTimothy0812's Admin House? A Thumbs Up 👍 and Favorite ⭐are much appreciated. Have a command idea? PM REALTimoth0812. -Created by T-Studios (REALTimothy0812)

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  • Stair Climbing Simulator

    At first, this may sound boring, but this game is not about just climbing stairs. The more stairs you climb, the faster you go and the higher you can jump. Once you reach the top, you receive a huge boost and start from the bottom again. With hours of never ending fun, you can become the fastest stair climber in history and make it to the best of the best. Have Fun! Note: This was a 2 day project to see how simple it was to make a simulator. Also the first stair sim. THIS IS NOT A SERIOUS GAME. (Has been updated since then to add T-Studios animation) Join The Official T-Studios: Join our "community" server! Code: X4KhSPq or the Link Below! Follow us on twitter! @REALTimothy0812 or the Link Below! -Made By T-Studios (REALTimothy0812)

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