Uh Yeh. Meh name is Fury! I spent my whole time on ROLBOX with "Bow-Chicka-Wow-wow" as my about and i thought it was enough time to change it xD. So some games I like are Jailbreak (Of course), I used to like "Assassin!" until one of my friends said he would pay meh back in rob.ux if i gave this knife to him. Lemme tell you, THAT KNIFE WAS RARE! But he never paid me back. Another game I like is Auto Rap Battles, CUZ Y'NOW I'M SLIM SHADY JR! I also like the game Tale Of The Prodigious Swords RPG, but I gotta give credit to meh friend cuz he showed me that. I like music artists like Bo Burnham, Lil Uzi Vert (IK A LOT OF PPL LIKE HIM.), Logic (AND LET ME TELL YOU, LOGIC IS MEH FAVORITE RAPPER OF ALL TIME), Eminem, and YBN Nahmir. Well, Yea that's pretty much all about me. AND IF YOU CALL ME FURRY WE GONNA FITE MK?Read More


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