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  • Anti clothes price update

    Official group place: Dear ROBLOX, This is not what the game should be. What happened to that video I see every time I log on? You know, the one that goes "ROBLOX, ITS FREEEEEEEEEEEE!" Not any more. Why don't you think about us for once? The community? The people who support and play your game yet you return with few favors? Please. Clothing designers and customers both, we do not want this update. We will lose our buisness and we will not sell our shirts. Most people do not have the money to spend on ROBUX or ingame currency to throw 600 tickets at a full outfit. Please, ROBLOX.

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  • Roblox Night Wing

    But give no mind; no doubt, in the end, those who deserve the Gold, did not take the easiest route.

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  • Shadow Nation

    I'd like to take this space to say goodbye to all of you. It's been a wild ride, you've all impacted me profoundly. I want each and every one of you to send me a friend request. I wish nothing but happiness to you in your futures and I will be on to reply to any questions/messages you may have for me or Shadow Nation periodically. Ciao!

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