Hi ppls..... i got hacked again so this is the new me... heres wut u must know..... (y) yes (n) no (m) maybe (f) friends only Do i have youtube (y) do i rec vids (m) is this the new fighter but different name (y) can u follow me (f) do i follow my own heart (y) do i donate(m) Here are My best Buddies : Soccerguy777 Princessmegan123 over123456 deathcody william135790 legocrazy98 aygui12 scroll182 coolguy12378 ameen500 kennythebest floretz alexwomen107 rockchick2001 Muffincake445 Liamp9 struka PetzAmbipom Amy703 Moves : Cure,Tsunami,Revive,Water sword,Water dragon vortex,lightning heal,water renewal,dark shield,dark sword nickname : dark,super,star,superstar,super590,star590 Noob list : Batmanxbox,GreatestAnthony1 Type : God's apprentice -Superstar590- -.- Read More

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  • Cool Robloxens

    Welcome to The Cool Robloxens. Uniforms and Promo Guide: Credit To Superstar590 For The Idea. CR Set: legocrazy98 owns the group fully, But superstar590 tecnicly owns it (I am no longer active so he gets this group) Contact me If you need any settings changed like the logo or desc .ect(mods/admins only)

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  • Espionage Clan

    We train our members to retrieve hidden information and manipulate their surroundings to their advantages. We are trained to find secrets from rival clans and most Super-Clans. {Allies} - BRE + Black Hand {Enemies} - Anyone not on the Allies list or Neutral list that you decide to attack/hack/etc. {Neutral} - Vortex Security (Subject to change without notice)

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      Rank 5: Major
  • Noble Blade

    Hiatus, if not clear already. No King. No Kingdom. Let us throw the proverbial rose from the crowd until it is our time to perform. Every individual has a story, let our stories unite brilliantly together. Some believe they are wolves among sheep. Dragons are better than wolves anyway. [ JOINING ]: [ WAR ARCHIVE ]: [ SECTION DELTA [RAID/DEFEND] ]: [ CHAMBER [TRAINING] ]: Discord: /0Qaz0vRVLGVcOE3o

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  • Byzantine Empire Promotion Center

    If you have enough Ko's like 50 or 100 then come here for a promotion i do the promotion or over123456 does so if you have enough Ko's then come here! Make sure you have enough Ko's now ok? Good enjoy your promotion here

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