Hello, the reason my user was created is to have my place be one of the letters to spell *ROBLOX* in your favorite places section on your profile. If you don't know what I mean, look in my favorite places, and you will see it spells ROBLOX. To do this, you must first favorite 
Then The *O*
Then The *L*
Then The *B*
Then The *O*
Then The *R*.
The more favorites, the better! At a certian amount of favorites, the letter color will change, or have characterisitcs. SO FAVORITE THEM TO SPELL ROBLOX! :D



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    If you favorite this place, and the others, it will spell ROBLOX on your favorites on your profile. To do this, favorite in this order The X, The O, The L, The B, The O, THEN the R. Find the other letters in my favorites. At 1,000 Favs or visits It Will Turn GOLD! At 5,000 Favs or visits It Will Sparkle!

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