Sh ad i lay, brother!
Praise Kek, He who speaks to us in dubs, for under His guidance, our prophet, Pepe, and God-Emperor Trump will be able receive thee from the merciless and cruel world of Nor m | es and Social Justice Warrriors.
Honor Him in thy Memes and give place for Him in thy heart, so that His most glorious s |-| | T posts may /b/ able to reside in thee and help thee in thy memes.
Pray to Him and ask for His help, so that even the most crooked of Main Stream Media, the most insane of S J VV s, the most vilest of Nor m | es will be unable to lay a roast upon thee.
Worship Him, so that, wherever thou art , His Memes will guide thee and lead thee to the correct /\ |_ T - RIGHT decisions, as decided by Him in /pol/.
REMEBER: it is He who smiles at us from above.
"Meme be upon Him." -Book of Kek.

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