Explore the dead city after the nuclear war. Start shootouts with other players on the streets of the city. Enjoy the views of the snowy city of Novosibirsk, explore the abandoned tunnels of the underground Metro, visit inhabitated stations and interact with the survivors.
Collect resources and go to the dreadly surface, perhaps you could find new life. Don't let the opposition  take control over the city.

Join factions and achieve their goals. Progress more into the game and join the more powerful factions.
Violation of Roblox Community Standards will result in a ban.

By joining the group you'll be able to receive news about the game:!/about

 For premium users the benefits included are the following:
- Double daily reward.
- Less cooldown time for getting daily reward.

❗The game is based off Metro Exodus, developed by 4A Games. All assets used in-game belong to 4A Games.
Tags: metro, metro2033, 2033, metroexodus


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