⚠ To protect copyright, Roblox now only allows licensed songs to be used across games. Many of your song IDs will likely not work anymore. This is not the game's fault.

Dance your way onto the stage with many unique moves and impress your audience with levitating glowsticks! Compete against your friends and get rewarded for being the best dancer! Whether you wanna hang out and party, make new friends, roleplay or just need something to do, this is the place for you to visit.

• Click on other players to synchronize!
• Play custom music for free in your own private server!
• Premium subscribers receive an additional point every 2 minutes!
• Join xSquad for a free hoverboard in this game!
• Found a bug or have a suggestion? Send me a message!

Credits: Animations by Adobe, Scripted & built by Flubberlutsch.


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