Mocap Dancing


Roblox started replacing some copyrighted songs with licensed music. Before playing custom music, please listen to it on the website to see if it has been replaced.

Dance your way onto the stage with over 50 unique dance moves and impress your watchers with levitating glowsticks! Compete against your friends and get rewarded for being the best dancer! Whether you wanna hang out, make new friends, roleplay or just need something to do, this is the place for you to visit.

Play as much custom music as you want for free in your own VIP server!

Join my group for a free hoverboard in this game (Rejoin after joining):

Found a bug or have a suggestion? Send me a message!

The animations used in this game are royalty-free ones created by Adobe. Every developer has the right to use them, they're not stolen.
Scripted & built by me.
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