DISCLAIMER: This game will not be updated as we have started a revamp:

🌳 Welcome to Studlands!
An Open-World RPG with an enormous world to explore including dungeons, many unique areas and more! Be mindful that enemies are stronger in later areas so you will need to level up to gain more health and get better weapons!

❗ Expect bugs, especially UI or visual related ones! ❗

👍 If you like the game, don't forget to leave a thumbs up! It really helps us out.

🔵 Credits:
@flagman293 - Building
@Generator_Tests - Building
@spacemax38 - Scripting, Building
@Cybronamix - Building, Attacks
@BackspaceRGB - Scripting Help
@Vienyx - Scripting Help
@Chrythm - RPG System


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