👋 Welcome to Blox legends a game where u collect blox, level up, buy upgrades, rebirth, prestige and much more, can u use all of your strenght and time to ascend to the top of the leaderboards! (this is an incremental simulator game)

👍 2k Likes for a x3 event! 
🌟 4k Favorites for a x3 event! 

🎁 Join the group for the daily chest, auto charm and a chat tag! 
🌐 10% More xp for Premium Players!

🎉 200k event
🎁 random events happen every minute and a half
🎂 3 new limited time charms
🛠️ Improvements

⭐ update 5
🔥 ranks
📘 a boost board for space
🌟 2 new runes (speed charm rune and luck charm rune) 
💙 5 new badges 
🛠️ alot of fixes and improvements 

📘 Credits
📜 Q_Qox
🛠️ Kartoffel16
Inspired by Grass Cutting Incremental (GCI), button simulator ascended (BSA) and Mining Simulator 2 (MS2)


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