This game is a test so there will be glitches and the game can lag from time to time.
Private servers are free so you can play with friends.
Hit E to fly on PC use the Carpet to fly on mobile.

WARNING: This game contains unrealistic body image so viewer descression is advised!!!

Art/Icon made by Crazy_LittleNinja or Mushroomy
Hair morphs hair culers and bonnets made by RipperRio
outfits and mermaid tail in game are made by Peachebee1 and PrinceRickardo
Mcdonalds Employee by Alex
some faces by KylieDeamore
Target by BeetleJuiceSix
Other building by Quakingsky
Mcdonalds by catrinlovely
Ragdoll spinner made by Alex
Robes in salon made by GlamDollJuju

I do not claim to have made anything in this game the only thing ive done is designed the morphs (ive taken free items on marketplace and spend time to make outfits and such) these are all free items on marketplace besides the morph bases i bought those.


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