RPG Game. "Sunsetters" and "Badlanders" are placeholder names for lion prides. Join up with them or create your own path; the choice is yours! !!!DISCLAIMER: Please read below. This game is a WIP/Testing build opened to the public mostly for fun, so treat it as an alpha game and expect bugs and missing features. Published by Sylvistra, the studio behind Warrior Cats: Ultimate Edition / WCUE on Roblox. This is not WCUE 2 / a WCUE sequel. It is currently a side project used mostly for testing and experiments for now. As mentioned above, this is a testing game, opened publicly so people can create lion OC's, share them & have fun. Expect significant portions of the game to be missing or broken (ex: the placeholder map). Updates can be sudden/without warning and cause significant (sometimes breaking) changes. We're happy to have you along for the journey and are excited to see how this project evolves. Feel free to join any of our communities and let us know what you think!


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