In this game, you're limited to a certain amount of jumps, you cannot jump when you run out of jumps. Please claim a stand and raise jumps from other players.
You can donate your extra jumps to others as long as you have at least 50 jumps.

🔔 [new update]  ❄️Snow conveyor! ☃️
🔔 [new update]  New Survive 🕷 Island

Win jumps by completing the Obby, Stairs, Walls, Glass Bridge and Long Jump.
Receive 20 jumps social reward when your friend joining your server, max 100 rewards per day.

[💎Premium] users will receive X2 reward.
Or you can buy game passes to get higher jump power and x4 reward.

Please consider Liking👍 the game, thank you very much.

Inspired by "Limited Words" and "PLS DONATE"

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