* More hit sounds and foot steps.
* Zombies have glowing yellow eyes
* Patch to instantaneous powerup disappearing
* Attempted patch to weapon desynchronization bug
* Attempted patch to game loading too early

Patch 2
* Nerf ray gun self damage range
* New handgun, Glock 18 (full auto, 1100 RPM)

Patch 3
* Add support for inverted camera
* More path nodes to odd locations in Facility and ...  house

A classic gamemode of Call of Duty: World at War - Zombies in Roblox, with endless waves of survival against never ending hordes. 

Gamepad Controls: 
RT - Shoot | LT - Aim 
LB - Knife | RB - Turn 180 
LThumbPress - Sprint 
A/☓ - Jump 
B/O - Crouch
Y/△ - Switch Weapon
X/□ - Reload/Interact 
DPadUp - Leaderboard 
DPadDown - Radio

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