Run, hide, team up, whatever. Do whatever it takes to survive their insatiable wrath.

⚠️ Warning: This game contains flashing lights & slight jumpscares ⚠️

F - Equip/unequip light item
1, 2 - Use utility or usable
Ctrl/C - Crouch/Slide/Bash door
R - Turn back (Cannot have an item currently equipped)
G - Emote (Requires an equipped emote!)
T - Whistle
O - Change Point of View
M - Return to the menu
N - Open VIP server menu (VIP OWNER ONLY)
Tab - Open in-game leaderboard
- Click on Play or Other Modes to join.
- Once the round starts, keep moving to survive the bot.
- You will receive rewards for your best time!
- Use your rewards to buy items in the shop.

Inspired by various Gmod Nextbot videos and maps. Credits and inspirations are shown in each map's description (if applicable)


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