Compete in unique Mini Games, trying to achieve highest title and position in global leaderboard! Complete tasks and unlock cool badges!

Q - Dash
(For Mobile the button above jump)

Chat Commands ( write just the word, without / ):
Wurf - fling all players (makes them ragdoll and fly)
Skip - Skip the current map

There are never seen before minigames, including Blind Trust, Fall Hexes, Fire Tiles, Musical Chairs. But we also didn't neglect the classic games, like Glass Bridge, Capture The Flag, Obby Races and more.

In game detailed customization will let you choose an avatar that is unique and stands out from the crowd.

Pushing other players with Q makes them ragdoll and fall, do with this information whatever you will)

There are also combat games, where you will have to be the most strong and agile fighter, in order to win!

Good luck, contestant!


There are currently no running experiences.