🥋 Welcome to Karate Kick Simulator 🥋 

KKS is a simulator where you can kick cars, zombies, dragon balls and  other stuff. You become more powerful as your level increases and can upgrade your power, range and speed!


💵  Earn cash
💪  Become the stongest karate legend by kicking more dummies!
👟  Upgrade your speed to become super fast
⭐  Rank up to get even more powerful kicks
🎯 Upgrade your range to kick far away objects
🗺️  Discover new worlds with different enemies and boss level objects!
+ More check it out now!

💵 Release code : BESTTEAM
💰500 likes code: 500LIKES
🤑 1500 likes code: 1500LIKES
💖 New code at 3000 likes

Join our group Karate Legends for cash codes and more -!/about

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