So you know, a lot of the sounds have been removed by Roblox at this point and I won't be replacing them.
Still a fun tech demo though. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

=====[This game has been discontinued until further notice]
It serves as an unpolished demo of what the full game may have been like.
There will be no bug fixes or updates to the game and the overall quality doesn't reflect the finished project.

You arrive by train in the once great "Aether City".
In light of a worldwide pandemic however, the city now serves as a dark hub for the forces of the SFC who control both it, and the only cure.

Left with no choice, you must crawl your way through dark alleys and infested tunnels to escape the dying city.

But by what means, what cost, and will you have the foresight to see it through?


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