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Welcome to Anime Ultimate Battlegrounds! An anime battlegrounds game where you clash with other players to stand at the top! Pick your favorite anime character and conquer the battlefield! 

The game is available on PC 🖥️ , Console 🎮 and Mobile📱

 This game is in its early stages. Therefore , any bug reports would be greatly appreciated! 
Note : Some characters may be incomplete 

Shift : Sprint Control : Shiftlock 
Mouse click : Basic Attack
MouseClick + Space : Aerial Attack
Dash : Q 
Awakening : G 
Block/Perfect Block : F 
Emote : Hold T 
Evasive : Press R when your evasive bar is filled 
1,2,3,4 : Are special moves for each character 

Combine special moves , aerial combos and devastating strikes to discover new combos!

Note : Game was previously known as Aniverse Battlegrounds


There are currently no running experiences.