We Are in BETA! Expect Bugs.

In this game, You become a scientist! Testing experiments on robots at the lab! 
Make sure to like and join the group for rewards in-game!

❗Not recommended for people under 13 years of age.❗
This game doesn't promote any kind of violence or illegal activities, do not take the content seriously. 
The test subjects aren't humans, these are androids (Human-like Robots).

This game is totally PG because we are Testing on Robots. This game does not contain blood or any realistic "Human-Like" Features at all!


Have a great time experimenting being a scientist! When Robots escape, the robot facility may go on lockdown..


tags: Ro-Bio, Ro Bio, ro bio, robio, Ro-Bot, Ro Bots, Ro-Labs, Androids, Android, Scientist, Sci-Fi, Testing, Viruses, Science Lab, Robots, Grimace Shake, Grimace, Ro-63, UGC, UGCLimited,LimitedUGC, poppy, playtime,CATNAP


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