━━━━━ INFO ━━━━━
Current State: Alpha
Any shutdowns in this game may most likely correlate with updates and/or bug fixes.

A major update is under development. More info can be found in our channel along with accessibility to test it on occasion.

━━━━━ ABOUT ━━━━━
DtS: Eras of Conflict is an onslaught-like defense game, a universal version of the main remastered game: Defend the Statue. Featured with storyline, weapons, and more, your objective is as simple as it gets: Protect the Statue from a number of Conflicts that range from the Millennial Era, to new derelicts that bring upon havoc.

━━━━━ CREDITS ━━━━━
Developers: In-game
Andromeda Official: Various selected songs


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