Chobani Oatmilk is everywhere…even in space! 
But gravity’s got it all out of place, 
We need YOU to embark on the Chobani Cosmic Race, 
To deliver delicious oatmilk to an exciting new place!
Race all across the cosmos to new and strange lands, 
Delivering Chobani Oatmilk as fast as you can! 

👀 Explore the Chobani space lobby
🚀 Choose your favorite Cosmic Oat Racer
🏁 Race around the track against other players
🪐 Deliver delicious oatmilk to 8 planets
💯 Collect as many oatmilk points as possible
🔓 Unlock exclusive Chobani merch.

In alliance with Hunger Free America, Chobani will donate $75,000 when our racers collect 10 MILLION OATMILK POINTS 🙌

Catch you in the cosmos 🌌

© Chobani, LLC


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