A fun survival game, can you survive the night? Or will you hunt humans as an Explodee? 
🧱 Build Bases 
⚔️ Fight others 
🌙 Survive the night 
🛡️ Unlock gear 

Meme Event
😎 Missions, complete them all to unlock the new Pumpkin Explodee
💥 Pumpkin Explodee, launch an explosive pumpkin for extra destruction
🎃 Pumpkin Block (Permanent) - Glows

📌 Any questions, comments, or bugs? Join our social server linked below or join our group and report it there! 

Ignore: Minecraft, Creeper, Creeper Chaos, Explosion, Fighting, Survival, Survival the killer, Competition, Bases, Battles, Steve, Brick ,Build to Survive, Build to Survive the creepers, Creeper Mayhem


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