Try out our new DREAM map and our new monster littlw cutie Lizzy!

On that unfortunate day a group of children were planning to go on a regular cruise trip to celebrate the end of the school year. 
However a severe storm caught them in the middle of the way and destroyed the ship!
Shipwreck got 7 survivors to the strange island. It wasn’t even on the map…
Is it an old silent house standing there?
Survivors were alone, hungry and frightened.
They saw a light in a window and ran to the house! But then was a scream… A scream of a beast!
Mommy was already on her way to catch her children. 

Hurry up! Find missing parts of the boat or door codes, survive the Mommy and get out of that island! 
And don’t forget to collect spirit beans, they will help you later!

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We have anti - cheat system now! All cheaters will be punished, guys!


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