Welcome to the Duolingo Game Hub, brought to you by Duolingo and crammed full of experiences created by friends of Duo just like you! To celebrate Duolingo’s 10th anniversary, we threw a birthday party for Duo the owl and invited anyone to make a game. Now we’re inviting everyone to play them! Explore the games created during our one week Duolingo Game Jam, get lost in the Spanish or Vanish maze, collect coins to redeem for awesome Duo UGC, and so much more… but don’t forget to do your language lessons because Duo will find you!

🕹️  Play 100% fan made games in the Duo Arcade
🌮  Grab lunch at Duo’s Taqueria
💚  Join the green team with official UGC from the Shop
🎂  Wish Duo a happy 10th birthday
🔟  Check out the Decade of Duo mini museum
💀  Survive the Spanish or Vanish Maze
💰  Collect coins and earn coin multipliers


There are currently no running experiences.