The game is the first and only ants digging simulator to be officially 
licensed from The Ants Underground Kingdom!

🐜Ride on your queen and lead your army to collect food!
✨Upgrade your queen to multiply the tunnels! 
💂Command various worker ants and soldier ants to increase your power!

Update 1.9    Use emojis!!!!
😎Big Function— emoji store on
- Collect all the emojis! 🤑
- Quickly double click to use emojis 👻
- Try using the same emoji with your friends! 🙋‍♀️
- Thanks to ReiPanda for the emoji images ❤

- Previous Codes at DC
- 26000 LIKES Code:jlxalxli

The next code comes when 30k Likes
💖Newcomers to DC can contact the manager for another code.


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