❗❗❗ How to get UGCs? Play the game, There's a sign in the middle of the lobby spawn ❗❗❗

❗❗❗ How to get Employees? Access the managers computer in the office! ❗❗❗ 

🥞 Welcome to Diner Simulator! 🥞 

🗒️ Take orders from customers!
🍳 Cook food with over 100 recipes to unlock!
🍽️ Serve customers the food you cooked!
🧹 Clean up after the customers to keep Diner clean!

👏 Use code "BETA" in upgrades!
🌟 10mil visits code '10mil' for players in the group before 10mil

🍀 Premium member benefits!
 🏅 A Unique Rank 
 🍪 Bonus cookies every 5 days 
 🏆 Bonus challenge rewards 
 💤 Access to the afk chamber 
 🎩 An extra accessory slot 
 🤖 Auto-Open Loot boxes 

❤️ Make sure to like and favourite the game if you enjoy!

⚒️ Credits Modeler/Builder - LastApollo, Smooth, InnerPoly

🎨 UI/Game Art - JOKESOY 
🎵 Sound Design - Panzerv1 
💫 Studio Rising - Azur, dogwarrior24 
🗨️ Join our communication server for updates!


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