🎉 The updated version of the game, ROBLOX HIGH SCHOOL 2: GRADUATION, is out now! 🎉


❗ This is the old, original version of Roblox High School!
Please note that this version is extremely buggy, and due to how old it is, it is no longer possible to continue updating it or fixing all the issues that keep popping up.
We created Roblox High School 2 so we could keep the series alive and give you all lots of improvements, bug fixes, and regular updates! Thank you to everyone who's continued to support us throughout the years. ❤️

⚠️ Please note: Accounts that have never played RHS Legacy before cannot join this version of the game. This version is just for original players to revisit the nostalgia from the past! If you're new here, you should play RHS2 for the most up-to-date experience. Plus, there were too many new accounts being made specifically to exploit RHS Legacy.




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