the actual game title doesn't have an L but roblox decided it was a no-no word

fulfill your dreams of maximum property damage by destroying buildings and structures brick by brick! enjoy the satisfying sounds as you ponder the countless crimes you'll be charged with later! 😁

🌟 (are you in the star creator group? you'll automatically have admin + a funny launcher tool that lets you fling people to space for even more interesting video content!)

creator and programmer: angeld23
builders: httpssharks, Gage64_S, Loiternity, YourPalPolly, and LIAMAWESOME5
trailer video: ca7x3
thumbnail artwork: Numberless, MACKACHE, ResTwitt and JaygamesEE1

made possible with roblox-ts and Flamework 💖

tags (ignore): pop, plopper, brick, destroy, voxel destruction, satisfying, break, breaking, destroying, physics, ragdoll


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