Welcome to Clicking Legends X, a remade version of the banned Clicking Legends in 2020!

🚨Update 13

Codes: Fruity And 700KVisits

Summer Part 2 Is Here!
🥝New Extended Area In Throwback World
🍎Fruit Egg
🔑Limited Summer Chest
⏳14 New Pets
🥇Competitive Leaderboards Pets Awarded
2 New Rebirth Buttons
🥚New +1 Hatch Gamepass (Triple Open Remains Free)
❓Total Secrets Hatched Leaderboard (Doesn't count old secrets)
✨+3 Luck And x2 Shiny Until Sunday!
🔨 Crafting Is Back
🥇5 New Achievements

Join the "Reworked-Studios" Group for:
🥚 Triple Hatch
💰 Group Benefits

Note: Yes we've gotten permissions from the original owner to publish this project!


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