Congratulations to everybody who reached legacy!

If any wonder about the game's stage and destination, keep in mind the ingoing game revamp. The objective is to convert the game into a better sistematized project to improve it's health, and bring to you a better gameplay experience.

[PTB] 48%.
-Focusing on stuns. Jungle gyms next.

To keep up-to-date about the revamp (v.0.8) follow the next steps:

1) Open Dead By Roblox's main menu.
2) Click on the "Survive With Friends" menu option.
3) Type "revamp0.8" (without quotes) and proceed to confirm.

The revamp is being updated as fast as i am able to. Since i'm the main and only developer, i'm leading the progress, but i've been cooled down by personal issues like school jobs and stuff.

A remake of Dead By Daylight, an asymmetrical horror game from Behaviour Interactive Inc. (BEHAV10UR).

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