🚨 UPDATE 23 🚨
🎄 The Christmas Event (Part 1) is here! 🎄
⛄ Explore the limited-time Christmas event world!
🔔 New Currency: Bells!
🎁 Knock on doors to earn currency from gifts, or go mining for new ores!
🛒 A festive shop has appeared where you can buy limited-time items!
💰 New Exclusive Pets in Shop!
🐶 27 New Pets!
🔥7 New Secret Pets!
💎 5 New Ores!
⛰️ 6 New Layers!

Welcome to Mining Simulator 2! ⛏️

💎 Explore the depths of the mines to discover rare materials and ores to sell! Upgrade your backpack and tools to gather more resources.


There are currently no running experiences.