🚨 UPDATE 9 🚨
🔱 New Atlantis World!
⚓ Explore the legendary lost city to discover new ores, pets, and more!
🏆 Complete daily challenges in the new world to earn exclusive rewards!
👑 Titles! Show off your achievements to everyone!
💰 Group benefits! Get free boosts every few hours!
🐚 New currency!
🥚 3 new eggs!
🐶 20 new pets!
⛰️ 3 new Layers!
💎 5 new Ores!
⛏️ New tool and backpack!
⚙️ Increased amount of ores!

Welcome to Mining Simulator 2! ⛏️

💎 Explore the depths of the mines to discover rare materials and ores to sell! Upgrade your backpack and tools to gather more resources.


There are currently no running experiences.