This is Work at a Pizza Place from 2010 by Dued1, remade to work in 2022.

If you have nostalgia for the old Work at a Pizza Place, play this!

Cook pizzas in the classic oven, or cook yourself, 
Box and Deliver the pizzas to the customers,
Manage the restaurant and Supply ingredients!

Version 2.1.2
- Music and Suggest button are fixed

- You now own the pizzas, dew or boxes that you click on.

- Orders are dropped when dead

- Improved Grab Tool

- All jobs give you money

- Seasons

- The order board is fixed

- Your money saves on a Global Leaderboard

29-01-22  - 2k Likes! Thanks!
28-07-21  - 200k Visits! Thank you!
20-10-20 - I started developing the game.

I will update every now and then, improving anything I can whilst keeping its charm.

Pizza Pizza Pizza, Pizza Factory Tycoon, Pizza Simulator, Classic Roblox 2010, VR Enabled
Classic Oof Sound


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