⚽Welcome to FIFA World - it is time to celebrate football and the FIFA World Cup™
▶Immersive Highlights!
Relive the top moments from FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ in our new arena!
Get the chance to be in the centre of football. Exclusive in FIFA World!

🎁2 x New UGC-Items! 

✨Community UGCs
The FIFA World Community have created exclusive FIFA World Cup™ themed UGCs!

🎉Explore a festive environment and partake in its many exciting activities!
🥅Play adventure football with friends and score goals!
🎳Play adidas footbowling!
🎥Visit the mainstage and view exclusive FIFA+ content with friends

🏆Watch Live Scores from FIFA World Cup™ in our new match centre!
👕FIFA World Cup™ Federation Jerseys & Shorts available in FIFA World!
🚀Earn adidas shoes with unique VFX and double jump!
🏁adidas codes challenge! Get a chance to win signed jerseys and boots from FIFA World Cup™.
(Only available in select countries,T&Cs available on adidas app)


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