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✨The new Replay Arena is live! Relive and explore the thrilling highlights of the FWWC23!

🏃🏽‍♀️Jump up into the sky and try out The Rexona Obby! 

🏆 Follow the FWWC live on the Match Centre and watch the latest highlights from FIFA+.

🥨 Football Campus: Germany is live. Visit Germany and the DFB Clubhouse, featuring an entirely new space with quests and a brand new minigame.

🗺️Explore an immersive FIFA World, partake in ever changing activities & events. 
🥅Play Adventure Football on quirky and exotic courses. 
⚽Play Keepy Uppy to test your skills or compete with friends. 
🎥Hang out in the Lobby, view exclusive FIFA+ content with friends.
🏅 Gather medals, complete your sticker collection. 

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