UPDATE!!: Freestyle Map has all new ramps and sections!!
UPDATE!!: New Marine Map with hover submarine!! 

🏁 Race your hovercraft boat to the finish line.... play alone for your best time, or play against an opponent. 

🥇 Get your BEST TIME up on the leaderboard!! 

Choose from 8 maps: 
  - 6 race maps: 
    * Marine (NEWEST) 
    * Downtown 
    * Twilight 
    * Sudden Death 
    * Ice 
    * Valley (OLDEST) 

  - 2 non-race maps: 
    * Freestyle (speed boosts and ramps!) 
    * Obby (complete the boat obby for a badge!) 

Race Rules: 
- Races are 2-3 minutes long, race will reset once this timer is reached, or once a winner is declared. 
- Times are recorded per lap, not per race.
- Race ends when the last person crosses the finish line.

Join Friends: - To join a friend, click on the "Join Friend" button in the lobby screen, if they are in a map it will show them in this list. 

👍 Give a thumbs up for boat, map, and feature updates!


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