🎾 The Ball Cannon fires Tennis balls faster and FASTER! Return them for big points! Can you keep up?

 ✂️🌱 Mow the Lawn and Mark out the lines of Wimbledon's famous grass courts

🖌️⬜ 🔼 Upgrade your Lawn Mower! Upgrade and buy new Mowers until you reach the top of the leaderboard! 

🏆 🧭 Complete the Treasure Hunt for Ace rewards! 

🌟 Step into WimbleWorld and play tennis on the hallowed grass of the All England Lawn Tennis Club. Meet your heroes, collect coins and compete against friends at the most famous tennis tournament! 

🎾 Play tennis with your friends, other players or WimbleWorld's own AI 

😎Hang out with Gentlemen’s Champion at Wimbledon: Andy Murray! 

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