Jump into SandBox, where endless fun is just a touch away. Play around, see cool stuff happen, or go wild and blow it all up!

Update Log:

Currently Available Materials:

Free: Sand; Fire; Acid; TNT; Bomb; Gunpowder; Salt; Wood; Fuse; Coal; Coal Lump; Snow; Ice; Rock; Lighting; Lava; Blue Fire; Copper; Turbine; Lamp; Eletrecity; AND Gate; Heater; Freezer; Touch Sensor; Not Gate; Glass; Smoke; Water; Oil; Acetone; Ethanol; SawDust; Liquid Nitrogen; Gravel; Metal; Thermo Insulator; Unbreakable Wall; Fireworks; Dirt; 

VIP: Drain; Thermometer; Virus; Nuke; Melter; Slime;


There are currently no running experiences.