- "UPDATE_TIME- 1 Hour Double Experience
- "DELAY_TWOD" - 2 Magic Gems
- "MILLY" - 1000 Gems
- "LIKEGOAL10K" - 1000 Gems

A combination of anime powers in an Ultimate Adventure, build your character and become the strongest fighter in the universe! What will your story be?

- ⚡ Summon Abilities, and Awakenings! 🔥
- ⚔️ Get Materials and Craft Gear!
- 💀 Defeat Bosses and claim their drops!

 🤼‍♂️ Think you're powerful? Teleport to Ranked PVP and test your build against other players!

💰 Loot spawns around the map every (1-10 Minutes) and despawn every 30 minutes.
⛏️ Ores spawn every (10-20) Minutes.
🎉 Event will occur every 15 minutes (server region time-zone), will you be able to conquer them?!

Level Cap: 100 (⭐ Rebirth to go beyond your limits!)

Basic Controls:
[Q] for Dash
[LCTRL] for Sprint
[LMB] for Weapon
[R] for Charge
[F] for Block (Time it to Perfect Block)
Note: You can change key binds in-game at the menu.


There are currently no running experiences.