Game shutdown = update -- a thumbs up on the game would be greatly appreciated 👍

Join the Callous Studios group for an additional 1000 in game currency:
(If you start a new game and are in the group then you will start off with 4000 cash rather than the regular 3000) 

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Experience the hard work and effort it takes to becoming a YouTuber, Tuber Simulator is the new YouTube simulator of 2018!

If you encounter any bugs inform @RuthlessLua on the Callous Studios group wall, or tweet @CallousStudios on twitter. Expect to see quite a few bugs considering the game transitioned from a work in progress to early testing! 

If you enjoy the game feel free to leave a like, otherwise you may give me constructive criticism on how I can improve (Most likely on the Callous Studios group wall)

New Updates: New Twitter code released, check out @CallousStudios on Twitter

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