His Majesty's Hospital Ship: Britannic, on a journey to pickup wounded soldiers, hits a mine and comes to a halt, trying to beach nearby land. Help the evacuation efforts and survive the sinking ship!  Sinking ship simulator. Based on HMHS Britannic, 1916.

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Game Programming 📝 TheAmazeman
Modelers 🛠️ Centeurix, 🛠️ RoyalConstructor
Music 🎵 Phalack 
Trailer and Sound Effects 📹 MrGillett 
GFX 🎨 ThreeLivesTaken 
Programmer 📝 Sezess
Programmer 📝 The_GamingPirate

Roblox Britannic by Virtual Valley Games
Genres: Adventure, Disaster, Roleplay, Simulation, Maritime

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