Welcome to Flavor Frenzy! The most flavorful Tower Defense!


🧁  - Team up with other players and friends to strategize and have fun!
🌶️  - Want a challenge? Try our high difficulty maps!
🍣  - Meet cute and dangerous foes and friends throughout your adventures in new unique maps!
☕  - Collect cool skins to decorate your bears in all sorts of ways!
🍮  - Test and explore unique bear combos to maximize success and perfect your strategies!
🍠  - Climb the leaderboards to be number one!
⭐  - Play on the weekend to earn 50% more XP from matches!

(⚠️ DISCLAIMER: Experience may include bright/flashing lights and may affect photosensitive users ⚠️)


VERSION 1.10.0
🎧 - New Honey Shop Bear: Pomegranate!
🤠 - New Honey Shop Bear: Okra!
⬆️ - S Tier Pepper Skin in Level System!
🗺️ - New Map: Glucose Gallery!
🗺️ - New Sandbox Map: Green Screen!
🏙️ - New Special Quest: Holiday Havoc!
❣️ - Many Quality Of Life Changes!
🔧 - Bear Balance Changes and Bug Fixes


There are currently no running experiences.