══ UPDATE 105══
🌊 Ocean Adventure Event! Discover exclusive rewards, including a mount and other valuable items!
✨ The level cap has been increased by 5 levels.
💙 Experience better gameplay with our latest optimizations.

Bot Clash is a battle simulator game where you and your loyal Bots travel across the planets to fight for humanity's last hope!

💥 Battle against different enemies including bosses!
🤖 Collect and upgrade powerful Bots! 
🗺️ Discover new worlds and secrets! 
🏆 Climb various leaderboards and show who's the real boss!

💎 Roblox Premium members receive 1OO% more Gems from battle!

🤩 Major updates every Friday! 
⭐ Favorite & thumb up if you like the game! 
👍 21OOOO likes for FREE Gems!


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