The beauty adventure begins! 

Enter Givenchy castle, explore its flowery gardens and makeup your avatar with the best products of the House. The Irresistible drama and L’Interdit area, both inspired by the two emblematic fragrances of the brand, are waiting for you… 

🪞Improvise yourself as a makeup artist and enter a beauty contest 
💃🏽Show off your best dance moves on the Irresistible dancefloor 
💄Grab a lipstick Le Rouge cross-body bag at the vending machine of L’Interdit [SOLD OUT] 
🔎Go on a quest for the hidden 4Gs (hope you don’t have vertigo…) 
📸Strike a pose in the photo booth 
Dive deep to find some surprises 

Through a series of surprising games, you will be able to collect exclusive badges inspired by Givenchy beauty and fashion accessories. After winning them, we highly recommend wearing them in all Roblox experiences! 

The Givenchy Beauty House, a place where beauty has no limits.


There are currently no running experiences.