🥷 Welcome to Ninja Simulator! 🥷

⚔️ Earn power by swinging your sword!
🗺️ Explore the map!
🤫 There are many secret hiding spots!
🔥 Rebirth to achieve insane powers!
☁️ Jump to the highest clouds! 
👊 Use training areas to get more power!
👑 Become the best ninja master!

💎 Cave update:
 - 🔥New aura and rank!
 - 🏅New badge!
 - 💎Cave with new zone!
 - 💻Disable shadows in settings!
 - 🎵2 new soundtracks!
 - 🔨Bug fixes

⚠️ Rejoin or reset if your gamepasses aren't working!

👍 Like the game for new updates!


There are currently no running experiences.