✨PACWORLD – Pacsun Mall Tycoon✨

Welcome to PACWORLD!

Do you have what it takes to run a successful mall? Prove it in PACWORLD where you are the owner and operator of your very own curation of stores. Make your mall as profitable as possible by creating and removing shops, attracting customers with the perfect design aesthetic, inviting your friends to visit, and so much more.

🤩 Interesting Tycoon Gameplay
Collect your revenue and invest back into your mall quickly in a familiar Pacsun-themed Tycoon. Watch that cash flow grow and make your mall even bigger and better!

🎉 Unique Store fronts
Your mall is truly your own, decorate the interior and set up shops that will dazzle visitors! From Pacsun’s original clothing store to movie theaters and more, you’re in charge here!

Jump in and create! The mall you want to build awaits you in PACWORLD, only on ROBLOX!


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