🎮 PLS PLAY is a game where you can feature Roblox games and play games featured by other users!  Claim a booth, feature a game, and add clothing or game passes to take donations!

💰 To add an item, go to the item's page on Roblox and copy the page address or ID! Examples:
• Game:[place-ID-here]
• Avatar Item:[asset-ID-here]
• Game Pass:[pass-ID-here]

🛠️ Create donation item links:
• Shirts:
• Passes:

⚠️ Donations may take up to a week to process. The Robux shown in-game is the price at the time of sale. You will receive 60% of the sale price (30% goes to Roblox, 10% to PLS PLAY). You MUST be the CREATOR of an item to receive Robux from selling it! View pending Robux here:

📝 Update Log & Attributions:

Inspired by "PLS DONATE" & "starving artists".


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