A game centered around factory construction and industrial expansion.
Heavily inspired by Mindustry, Factorio & some other industry games.

Key features:
- Pollution management & its effects on environment;
- Production line construction & upgrading;
- Money & Research management;
- Immersive machine mechanics;

This game can get pretty complex, and various elements (pollution, modular machines, complex production chain lines, etc.) may take hours to completely understand. 
We recommend you play this game with friends to discover new things together.

@mamytema - Head Scripter, Head Game Designer
@JARUMATIRO2 - UI Designer, Music Composer, Scripter
@Chaos_12346 - Head Tester, Game Designer, Scripter
@BitsForBytes - Head Asset Maker, Head Texture Designer
@aistepaiste27 - Asset Maker
@Cambodia_22 - Asset Maker

Industrialist [0.9.0]
Game is currently in alpha. Expect bugs and a lot of change.


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