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- Balancing updates ⚖️
- Secret Codes🤫
-New 💸TIX💸 item that you can use to spin the new PRIZE WHEEL to win free rewards!
 -New 📱DOPE TECHNOLOGY📱 that makes the guys look 10x more detailed! 🤯
-New ✝️HEAVEN✝️ world with 12 new eggs, 60 new guys and 60 new swords!
- Vending machines have been added around the map where you can buy 🥤TASTY DRINKS🥤 that gives you ⬆️BOOSTS⬆️! 
- More stuff will be added to the Heaven world soon.
- I pooped my pants

Welcome to Toy Fighters! In Toy Fighters, your toys come to life, and turn into life size fighters that will help you fight! Use these toy fighters to destroy treasures around the world, and collect as much gems as you can! Using those gems that you collect, you can buy all different kinds of eggs that can hatch into all different kinds of toy fighters! Are you ready to play?

Premium users get access to exclusive nametag fonts!



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